Dale Adams Enterprises, Incorporated

1937 Packard V-12 Convertible Sedan Model 1508

David H. Miller, Owner (Solon, Ohio)

Aquired in 1981, Restored by Dale Adams Enterprises in 1989

Dave tours this car extensively, racking up more than 30,000 tour miles. Fun car with a fun owner.

(From a 1996 Open House writeup:) This car is toured extensively, and had covered over 21,000 miles by 1996 since its 1989 restoration! This car is equipped with a high-speed differential, and Mr. Miller usually drives the car to the various meets and geets on its own wheels, easily keeping up with modern traffic. Like all Packard V-12s, this car had to be driven at 100 mph before it was approved for shipment.

Awards: 100 Points - CCCA; Primier Badge - CCCA; Senior Emeritus Awards - CCCA; AACA Joseph Parkin Award - Best Restored Packard in Eastern US; VMCCA George L. Weiss Award - Best Restored Pre-War Packard on National Tour; First Place Meadowbrook; Best of Show for Open Cars - Hickory Corners, MI; Best of Show at local events.