Dale Adams Enterprises, Incorporated

Paint Shop

We have a fully equipped painting facility with two spray booths; one for sanding and priming, the other for color work. The reason for this seperation is to minimalize any potential contaminates that may cycle through the filtration systems and wind up on freshly painted surfaces.

We take pride in our extreme attention to detail with our paint work. With proper preparation and sanding, we produce paint jobs with absolutely no "orange peel" effect, ensuring an absolutely mirror-like finish. Our preparations also assist in paint longevity - you would be hard pressed to find one of our restorations that needed to be repainted!


Below: Painting an International tractor.


Below: A freshly painted wooden wheel is mounted to a special rotator that slowly spins it while the paint dries, eliminating paint runs.


Below: Dale's son Jeremy took advantage of the shop's painting facilities to do a unique paint scheme to his daily driving Mini Cooper S.