Dale Adams Enterprises, Incorporated

1933 Nash Ambassador

Restored for Tom Lester (pictured above). AACA President's Club winner

To date this is my favorite car that I have restored. It was the first full restoration I did for Tom Lester, I was in my late 20's. Tom still lived in Ohio at the time, and was over every week to watch the restoration in process. No car stretched my abilities as much as this one. It was complete, but extremely rusty, having been stored in a saw mill in Massachusetts on a dirt floor for m any years. It had sunk to its axles and had to be pulled out with a bulldozer! Everywhere two pices of metal contacted it was rusty.

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The Nash Ambassador model name was used from 1927 until 1957. From 1927-1932, it was the name used for a higher trim package for the club sedan model, but after 1932 it signified the brand's top senior line. More information on the Ambassadors can be found here:


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