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1912 DeTamble Model "M" Two Passenger Torpedo

This car is owned by Emery and Tara Prior of Hudson, Ohio and is our current project. It was built in Anderson, Indiana. DeTamble as a company survived for only 6 years. It is an extremely attractive brass era car.

Excerpt from the Anderson, Indiana Library website:

The arrival in 1908 of the DeTamble automobile company was the result of a community effort. To encourage outside industry to relocate to Anderson, a booster movement was initiated. Funds for the effort were secured from the sale of 1,200 vacant lots for $300 each. With this money, the city was able to offer cash bonus incentives to factory owners. A committee was formed to implement the search.

De Tamble 1911

Model B, four cylinders, 36hp, 115in wheel base, three speed and reverse selective type transmission, multiple disc clutch, semi-floating ball-bearing rear axle. Gas lamps and generator, three oil lamps, jack and pump. Price $1000.00

The committee was excited about the prospect of a new company from Indianapolis. Edward DeTamble said his factory, which had previously manufactured gasoline motors for automobile arburetors and speed-changing transmission machinery, would hire 600 employees upon his move to Anderson.

The booster committee voted to draw up a contract and secure deeds for the DeTamble factory site in the southeast section of Anderson at 1200 E. 32nd St. The company was to receive a bonus of $50,000 to construct an immense facility.

The DeTamble Company operated in Anderson from 1908 through 1912.

Above: Body and Chassis in paint - December 18th, 2009

Above: Body and Chassis in paint - December 18th, 2009 

Above: Interior - December 18th, 2009

Above: The DeTamble in 2007, shortly after work began.

Above: 2007 again, the body is being patched, straightened, and fitted to the frame.

Above: The original frame in 2007, without the body. Note its deteriorated condition.

Above: The frame after restoration. Much of the original wood was used whenever possible.

Above: Coil spring from an unusual 3/4 elliptical leaf spring suspension before restoration.

Above: The same after extensive machining and restoration.

Above: Interior floorboards nearing completion in Spring 2009.

Above: The body on the fully restored chassis, Spring 2009.

Above: Rear wheel before restoration.

Above: Rear wheel in primer after extensive restoration and modifications.

Above: Rear wheel after painting, Fall 2009.

Above: Pinstriped wheel!