Dale Adams Enterprises, Incorporated

1931 Nash Ambassador 897 Club Sedan

Restored for Tom Lester. AACA President's Club winner

Josie and I now own this car and use it for touring. We bought it from Tom the year before his death. With an 8.5:1 compression ratio and high speed gears, this car is very fast and reliable. Tom "Lesterized" the engine: it is balanced, blueprinted and has a modern cam grind on an overhead valve engine with twin ignition and a Stromberg carburetor. It's my little "sleeper".

The Nash Ambassador model name was used from 1927 until 1957. From 1927-1932, it was the name used for a higher trim package for the club sedan model, but after 1932 it signified the brand's top senior line. More information on the Ambassadors can be found here (incidentally, this car is one of the ones pictured on wikipedia!):


More information on Nash cars can be found here: