Dale Adams Enterprises, Incorporated

1966 Jaguar Series 1 E-Type 4.2L Roadster

Owned by Dale & Josie Adams of Ravenna, Ohio

This beautiful Jaguar is the first car that Dale Adams restored, before he opened his restoration company. He purchased it for $600 in 1973 as a "repaired wreck" and and restored it at the age of 21. The car had been rolled, and repairs had been poorly attempted using bondo and the conventional body shop techniques of the time. Dale began the restoration as a strictly amateur project, working evenings and weekends in his home garage. According to Dale, one of the most difficult aspects of the project was that as a young man with a young family, the only way he could afford to fund the job was by taking on part time auto repair jobs for friends and acquaintances, using the proceeds from those to support his restoration project.

Dale's Jaguar has come in first at several Jaguar Club of North America meets, and is still in showable condition over 30 years later! Since its restoration, Dale has "massaged" the engine to boost its performance (similar to that of a V12), and added extra wide Dayton wire wheels, as it had become too powerful to control with its original skinny tires!

For more information on E-Types: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jaguar_E-type


Click here for an article written on Dale's 1966 E-Type written in the Jan/Feb 2008 edition of the Antique Automobile magazine

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Above: The E-Type before restoration.


Above two: The E-Type when it was freshly restored. That is Glenn Pray's Stearman in the background.


Below: The E-Type as it appears today, over 30 years after it was restored!