Dale Adams Enterprises, Incorporated

1934 Packard V12 Hotrod

The drawing of the Packard shown above is an exciting project that Dale has planned to create for his personal use after he completes restoration on the 1108 Dietrich. This car will based upon the 1108, but on a V12 Towncar chassis that was found in a field in Oklahoma and had no body. The chassis has been extended by 12 inches, and the extra 12 inches will be added to the hood. The top will be chopped to about 1/2 of the height of the original. Under the hood will be a massaged Packard V12 with twin superchargers. Its grand unveiling will be a year or two after the unveiling of the 1108, and it will not compete with the original in shows as it is not an original car. The full details of this car will not be released until the car is finished, but we can say that this "hotrod" will be like none other.